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Novastar Saxon Fraud 

This is on going work to expand the news we uncover and issues that need to be addressed . We have found many important stories are red lined and kept from the public. We hope that social networking can help over come the power of the press and media when they refuse to cover the other side of a story, or lack the courage to speak out . 

                                                    ON YOU TUBE 
We have uncovered major frauds by several loan companies. These have not been covered by the press or media. We are reaching out to the public and authorities who have not investigated into these crimes and need to take action and not cover up the theft of homes, destruction of families and  the tearing away at of American  morality  and ethics to replace it with an alter of greed. 

The Country Wide Executives have paid for their crimes money does not pay for the loss of lives and families placed under the pressures of foreclosure. Justice requires much more than millions of dollars. People have been driven to taking their own lives. We need a healing program and an action program.

                    NOVASTAR FRAUD 


There we are exposing the following facts:

1 Novastar bought loans.

This is in the court records but there has been no order to inform all those who had loans that this may have happened to them.  Novastar recruited loans from independent brokers all over the country and offered them CASH bonuses built in to the loans.  However none of the clients learned of this practice. You may have had this done to you and you were cheated out of thousands of dollars. There was no action to protect , or inform those cheated by this action.

We at HBI are asking the courts to notify all clients that they may have been cheated and contact their Attorney General's offices.

This was a premeditated action by the Executives at Novastar.There was no mistake about this. They were buying loans. The stockholders also suffered because this was all silent, a dirty secret behind the corporate doors. Had anyone known about all the insider crimes no one would of bought stock. All the stock holders were lied to . All the clients lied to as theft and other crimes. 

2.Novastar brokers were making the appraisals and over valuing property 3-4 times it worth. They had premeditation in this action and knew what they were doing . The made loans that we not founded in truth. This action was monopolization in that clients only could use Streetlinks company. 
Fraud in that the over valuation was a Novastar policy which damaged all clients and all stockholders.

Fraud in that the brokers created the appraisals.

3. Novastar has not provide documents and has lied to its clients stating it does not exist obstructing justice.
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