•  We do not practice medicine, law or any profession.We assist in the process of gathering data, creating your own journals and you being responsible to find the experts to assist you. Many issues an be confusing because of stress and emotional pain.  • We assist you in recognition of who, how, why and what so you can take the needed action you desire.  • You have to do your own personal work and select the professionals and experts to help you as needed in life.


                            The AVENGERS

I have faced attacks and terrible treatment for standing up for what I believe in .  Time makes no impact on me when a wrong is done. This feeling in me is part of my genetic heritage back to Greece. I vow to leave the stories and the actions that need to be made to avenge many events, stories and lives. This is why I created a non profit to carry on when I am dust. I nearly died 2/2012 because of the insane actions of an ER nurse at St. Joes Hospital here in LA.

My mother was murdered by the lack of care at  Cedars Sinai. I worked for Sidney Zion on his daughters killing at New York Hospital. I know what actually went on because I am a physician. My listeners know I will tell the truth about what happened in medicine because I have paid the price to be a voice of truth. I have Kathleen, a top litigator in NY and Nick,  an investigator who actually worked on the Libby Zion case to start our AVENGERS team.  We need financial support to file cases to change the current systems that have failed.

We need brave reporters to take the stories we have a publish and carry them further. We are here and not going away.  Those that wish to join and work hard we are waiting for you to join us.

1/Create a Federal Law that supports proper instruction and overseeing of care 24-7 in teaching hospitals. My mother Juanita Hufnagel and Libby Zion need to be AVENGED.

2/I am available to speak on the Libby Zion events .

Radio Programs to listen to :  In progress

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