•  We do not practice medicine, law or any profession.We assist in the process of gathering data, creating your own journals and you being responsible to find the experts to assist you. Many issues an be confusing because of stress and emotional pain.  • We assist you in recognition of who, how, why and what so you can take the needed action you desire.  • You have to do your own personal work and select the professionals and experts to help you as needed in life.


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HBIF is a non profit research and educational organization. We do not practice medicine or any other professional area. We are students of ethics and we look at the complex aspects of human health and healing in a in depth analytical review. Welcome the first organization dedicated to ethical issues in Women's Health Care. We use teleconferencing, video conferencing, blogs, newsletters, workshops, and other media to reach women around the globe. We partner with technology corporations  to bring information to the globe. Changing our world through education and ethics.

Δ   Green Pharm/TPG  (Launched!)

TheGreenPharm.com is the first ethics based pharmacy created to provide state of the art diagnosis tools ,formulas, and new treatment modalities . Unlike other pharmacies this concept is advocate based that responds to the need of the patient or a community of patients (diabetes, cancer, women’s issues etc.) It   offers over 300 proprietary formulas created  by Dr. Vikki Hufnagel including her NCH tm Natural Cyclic Hormones.  Specialized formulas are created for physicians to prescribe for their patients. Doctor Vikki as an investigative reporter brings the latest developments in medical science here for patient education and use. She also has a Life Style section to provide information and products that range for the highest antioxidant KONA RED, to prescription glasses and even clothing.  The Green Pharm bring to the public products researched by Dr. Vikki that may have significant benefit to ones health and healing.   A zxa to bring alternative treatments, products and services not commonly available to the public.

Δ   HORMONE HELL, By Dr. Vikki Hufnagel
Doctor Vikki is taking back her book copyright 1983, and its 2000 revision back from the publishers and editors to bring you the entire story of Hormone Hell.....everything you need to know including : misinformation-disinformation-fraud-lies-criminal acts -common misunderstandings and more......this is today's "Citadel " , or "The Jungle".

                Δ   Dr. Vikki Hufnagel Listen Now

 From The Ethical DoctorSunday, November 06, 2011 4:00 PM - To The Sunday,  April 29, 2012 5:00 PM  - onward.

                 Δ   WBAI's Ethical Doctor Archive
By: Dr. Vikki Hufnagel
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** FRS Billing Documents and Information - These are some of the forms used in the past to help patient file insurance claims. The full set of documents were destroyed and take years to piece together.

No More Hysterectomies - 2008 Editon Best selling book that revolutionized women's health care by Dr. Vikki Hufnagel experimental surgeon and BioEthics expert. Dr. Hufnagel is the only USA physician to write state law to protect women under going hysterectomy. Her books enducate and empower women because they teach science, politics and look at the soul of issues. This text is the maunal on hysterectomy and how to avoid one. Hufnagel developed FRS Female Reconstructve Surgrey which repairs the female body.

No More Menopause - No More Menopause is a comprehensive look at menopause and how it can be reversed and actually avoided.This text explains about synthetic hormones , so called bio identical hormones and Natural Cyclic Hormones.This is a fundamental text needed in every woman’s personal library.

** Pre and Post Op Care - This is a book that gives advice on how to prepare and take care of yourself after a major operation.  It has many things you need to know but are not told about. This information has saved lives.

The No More Menopause program focuses on a longer and more productive life for women. The text covers many of the specialized designer formulas created by Dr. Hufnagel to slow or reverse aging processes. Thousands of women in Dr. Hufnagel’s Los Angeles and New York practice avoided menopause without increasing their risk for cancer using her rational hormonal balance program known as NCH tm Natural Cyclic Hormones.
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