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This is about the frauds that are destroying families and our economy. We need ETHICS as the top priority in business not the dollar...we have allow Medofitisis to infect and its a cancer we must cut out.

Transparency is a major issue. People do not stand up, push things aside, and cover up all of the time not taking responsiblity and focusing on the fact we need to do good. 

1/ I notified Mellon Bank about the many frauds of Novastar and Saxon. I have filed complaints with the AGs in CA TX Mo. 9/2010. I call the ETHICS section at Mellon  when I realized that Saxon was intentionally not providing information or documents to Mellon. I made this public first to Mellon so that they could take internal action. Saxon agents were and continue to not communicate with clients. They have a policy to prevent communication but to be able to document documents have been sent  .

This is the scam they are using in courts to show communication is taking place to Judges who have no idea what the process is. Saxon gathers documents . Does not read them .  Does not assign a person on the case. They do respond that they get documents. They do not refer to the documents or name them. Then no one reads them and no one contacts the client. This is a breach of Civil Code which states an agent who has all the documents , must meet with you , or call you personally to explore options. This is were loan fraud is taking place everyday.

The Florida Court exposed this as agents told the truth , they signed documents , foreclosed on homes and never read any of the papers much less communicated with the client.

2/I filed a complaint with the SEC which was based on the fraud done to the stock holders and was not surprised that the SEC did  not read documents sent them .

From: "Help" &let;help@sec.gov> <help@sec.gov>
To: isisconcep@aol.com
Sent: Tue, Oct 12, 2010 1:06 pm
Subject: SEC Response - File LARO::~00087025~::LARO [ ref:00D3JxQy.5003AhR41:ref ]

Dear Ms. Hufnagel: 

Thank you for contacting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The issue 
you raise regarding mortgage for closures with BNY Mellon is not one over which 
the SEC has jurisdiction. 

If you have not done so already, you may wish to contact the Comptroller of the 
Currency, which oversees banks, for any assistance the Comptroller may be able 
to offer in this matter. 
You may contact the Comptroller at: 

Comptroller of the Currency 
Customer Assistance Group 
1301 McKinney Street 
Suite 3450 
Houston, TX 77010 
Phone: 1-800-613-6743 
Internet: http://www.occ.treas.gov/ 

You may also wish to contact the Federal Trade Commission for any assistance it 
may be able to offer. You may contact the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection 

Federal Trade Commission 
Consumer Response Center 
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20580 
Toll-Free Complaint Line: 1-877-382-4357 
Toll-Free Identity Theft Hotline: 1-877-438-4338 

In addition, you may wish to contact your state’s attorney general. Contact 
information for each state attorney general can be found at www.naag.org. 


Junai Lewis 
Office of Investor Education and Advocacy 
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 
(323) 965-3894

Dear Ms. Lewis 
I appreciate your response and have contacted all agents as my previous correspondance expalined. I am also making this material public to assist others in dealing with criminal actions of the past and on going.
Please be aware the complaint was sent to the SEC because it deals directly with corparate issues.
Note the following :
1/ Novastar with forethought, planned and conducted business in Kansas City MO because there were no requlaitons on apprassiers. This was planned and stockholders and clients were never informed of this. The conscept was to abuse the fact their was no regulation in order to make loans based on over valued property by Novastar.
2/Novastar's executives planned fraud and criminal action to get loans. This is already in court records that bonuses were given rokers to bring loans to Novastar. In my case some $30,000 was the bonus ! This is an anti trust issue / anti Riccho. My agent forged documents .I was told the cost of my loan was about $5,000 but reality it was $30,000. This was how my loan was stolen from Option One to Novastar.
3/Novastars executives knew that SECRET agreements had taken place with Novastar management and that of Pipefire. This was taking place at the times loans were being made. This was kept from clients and stockholders. This was the criminal action that everyone knew was taking place doing the loans and kept silence on.
This was planned , premidated crime by executives at Novastar and Pipefire.
Steve Haslam head of loan sales at Novastar claimed this was his GENIUS to make money for the executives and for the brokers set up a system to have brokers from Novastar create the apprasials using software of PipeFire . The deal was Pipefire was paid to have its agents follow what they were told to do by the Novastar Broker. The arrangement allowed the broker to over value property 3-4 times actaul value and get the loans from the banks. The apprassiers knew about this fraud as did the brokers. This was the main means in which prediatory loans were created by Novastar. No one would of bought this stock if any one knew this was going on. No one would of applied for a loan. Novastar did not allow any apprasial other than those agents they had a deal with and controlled which they said they OWNED. This is an SEC FINRA FTC etc issue.Later the exit was planned . Haslam when they made it public Novastar owed STREETLINKS the new Pipefire 8/2008 was named the CEO and the COO was the head of Pipefire.

Date 10 17 2010
I have called Ms.Lewis she was out last week. I sent additional information to her and the complaint is sent to enforcement. You may have to give more information to the agency. To help them understand the issues. 
As for the FTC the complaint is filed. 
I filed at FINRA but had same problem with SEC agents in help mail do not see the stockholder connection. So more to them to prove the issues.

Better Business Bureau
File complaints on all issues and all agents. 

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