•  We do not practice medicine, law or any profession.We assist in the process of gathering data, creating your own journals and you being responsible to find the experts to assist you. Many issues an be confusing because of stress and emotional pain.  • We assist you in recognition of who, how, why and what so you can take the needed action you desire.  • You have to do your own personal work and select the professionals and experts to help you as needed in life.


                                                                        JOBS & INTERNSHIPS

Client Advocate.
Paid position.
•  Teaching of health issues and part of creating new Advocate Program
•  Explain IDA and how to use notebook and forms.

Production In Media.

       Three months then review for paid position.
•  Scheduling of guests.
•  Archiving programs.
•  Connecting with station.

Social Media and Publication
     Three months then review for paid position.
•  Social Media daily.
  Gathering web information.
•  Assisting on book and newsletter.
•  Under the direction of Dr. Vikki  & Deborah Jones-Brown

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                                Deborah Jones-Brown 
Web Technician for The Ethical Doctor

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