•  We do not practice medicine, law or any profession.We assist in the process of gathering data, creating your own journals and you being responsible to find the experts to assist you. Many issues an be confusing because of stress and emotional pain.  • We assist you in recognition of who, how, why and what so you can take the needed action you desire.  • You have to do your own personal work and select the professionals and experts to help you as needed in life.
                                                                MEDIA WORK
We are happy to expand out media to your community. Our team works to create a format that works for your area and needs. We are in development for a REALITY show that will tell the full story of peoples lives and work to heal their injuries and pain. We will go into operating rooms and show you what is actually taking place. Dr. Hufnagel was one of the first doctors on television on the LIFELINE series. She  won a EMMY for LA LAW writing on hysterectomy abuse, did the breakthrough HARDCOPY segment on Dr. Death, Oprah has had her on as an expert many times, Hilary Clinton had Vikki on her interactive national health care reform program with Self Magazine, and she has served as a leading news reporter for medicine as a member of AFTRA.

We have a news column, radio and television projects available for your production company. Contact Helen Key Public Education Director for HBI  in our San Fransisco Offices at 415-297-2370.

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This media program focuses on ethics and applies theological and philosophical concepts to the world of medicine and contemporary life.

Vikki Hufnagel hosts this one-hour live radio program, with medical , professional and  ethics expert guests with live  call-ins. The show is introduced and closed with the reading of the Oath of Hippocrates. Listeners have had their lives saved on air.

The steps to healing are presented as a life journey for the general public. The issues and depth of topics is not to be found anywhere else. This unique program follows the caller's individual story and works to resolve mind-body-spirit issues.  This may take weeks or months to achieve and they call in to tell listeners where they are in the process.

The Host, Dr. Vikki Hufnagel has multiple degrees in medicine, alternative medicine, and naturopathy.

She is the only physician in the USA to write laws that protect patients. She has gone on to become one of the first Bioethics physicians in women’s health care starting in 1983 with her work on informed consent for Congresswoman Diane Watson. She has called the CDC, the FDA, and various medical boards on the air to whistle blow and help listeners learn how to take care of themselves.

She works with the station to pick issues that the community needs help with.  In this way, she serves as an investigative reporter.  Her in depth knowledge brings national focus to the issues she is researching. Hufnagel has broken many news stories, such as:

**  Why Bio Identical Hormones are not so “bio-identical”?

**  UAE is killing women.

**  MDs do not know about MedWatch and how to use it.

**  How DRGs are used to kill the elderly ?

**  What is a dis-information PR company?         

**  Who tried to stop virtual colon scans? ?

**  Tubal ligation on women trying to become pregnant , what is that all about?

       Dr. Hufnagel is currently working on:

**  The pH of water in communities and diseases this causes.
**  Exposed abuse of the  fertility industry: embryos from the wrong parents were
      paced in uteri ..what a surprise !

**  We offer the listeners DVDs, CDs, and books. These are part of the Hufnagel NO
      MORE PROGRAM of books to offer:
  No More Hysterectomies            
  No More Cervical Cancer
  No More Menopause
  No More Fibroids        
No More Tubal Ligations   

!! Reminder  !! This is not a site to provide medical care or legal care ....we however do care about you!!

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