•  We do not practice medicine, law or any profession.We assist in the process of gathering data, creating your own journals and you being responsible to find the experts to assist you. Many issues an be confusing because of stress and emotional pain.  • We assist you in recognition of who, how, why and what so you can take the needed action you desire.  • You have to do your own personal work and select the professionals and experts to help you as needed in life.


This is the first media production  that has its foundation based in ethics.  The radio program was based on concept created by Dr. Vikki Hufnagel.  Hufnagel had spent four years at the Graduate Theological Foundation and Loyola Marymount in the study of ethics and bioethics.   She combined this study with Jungian Psychology as to why humans act as they do to look at the ethics of events and issues.

In the 1980’s  Hufnagel had brought to WBAI  99.5FM  her investigations in to hysterectomy abuse in  her best seller book “ No More Hysterectomies " to Bernard White and Amy Goodman who aired her work on their programs at WBAI.  Gary Null at WBAI had Dr. Vikki as returning guest as an investigative medical reporter.  

The radio program produced by Dr. Vikki   began at Pacifica Radio Network  WBAI in New York  in 2009  under the title  “My Hippocrates."   The program opens and closes with the Oath to Hippocrates.   Dr. Vikki had found in a study she did that the public had little knowledge of Hippoctates.  She also found that many physician’s had never read the oath.   After a year on air it became clear that the audience could not spell Hippocrates and did not benefit from the elaborate web site she created to enhance the radio program.  The name of the program was changed to “The Ethical Doctor."   The program gained a loyal following in the North East area of the United States.

Pacifica Radio’s WBAI  airs the program every other Thursday at 1 PM.  The program is divided into areas of interest and investigation.  These areas are used to write books on the subject after a lengthy time of gathering data and stories.  The public submits their own stories becoming part of an education package of CDs for the on air material and a book includes blogs by the public.

This is the first media program to provide such interactivity.  The success of the program lead it to become part of  Progressive Radio Network in 2011.  This program is on air every Sunday at 5 PM EST at  Progressive Radio Network.   

Programs are focused on the highest quality of investigative reporting.   She has made many news first on air including: Dr.Foster’s  hysterectomy abuse of institutional girls, the infection rates of polio with the Sabine vaccine, the serious complications found with: UAE, mesh implants, manufactured hormones, bio-identical hormones and on and on.

Hufnagel exposes the dark side of medicine to works to improve medical care and treatment.  Her current media project is GRAND ROUNDS.  She is taking the on air radio programs to create one hour interactive lecture series for physicians and the public.  To complement The Ethical Doctor an on line news blog was created The Ethical Times. Hufnagel is releasing her news bite segment “Dying to Know “summer of 2012.   In the fall of 2012 she hopes to announce her “Avenger "  series working with a litigation attorney,  a pharmacist and retired NY detective she plans to shake up things. 

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The new year brings with it "Feminism in Health Care."
Doctor Vikki created www.pinkpapersandbooks.com to bring together the nations female experts in advocate based medical care.

This project was started to revive the advances in medicine made in the mid 1960's which have vanished today.

The start of the "Sisters Healing Circle in Harlem." This is a new section of HBF in New York to create health care advocates in Harlem.

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The Hippocratic Oath

It's Ancient Source 1

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Modern History

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